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Collection cards for blood spots and biologicals

Collection cards are ideal for field sample collection in areas where a cold chain is unavailable or difficult to maintain. GenTegra offers cards for every need, DNA collection, RNA collection or sample collection for analysis of small molecule metabolites.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö GenSaver Card is the first new technology for collection and long-term storage of DNA in DBS in more than 20 years. GenSaver cards use the highly regarded and proven GenTegra®-DNA Active Chemical Protection™ on superior Ahlstrom paper. When collecting DBS for ambient temperature transportation or long-term DNA storage, this is the card of choice. It provides high levels of protection for the DNA during shipment and storage even at elevated temperatures. DBS on GenSaver cards can be used directly for PCR with no cleanup step required. A small punch can be added directly to the PCR mix without worrying about inhibition of the PCR reaction.

All Ahlstrom-Munksjö specimen collection cards are manufactured to ISO 18385 compliance, ensuring no human DNA contamination, so they are suitable for all forensic specimen collection needs as well as research specimen collection. Collection cards are available in all the common formats to meet your needs. The GenSaver cards are available I 1-spot, 2-spot & 4-spot formats and in color versions for use with clear samples. GenSaver cards also come in a 2.0 version designed for use in forensic applications where the samples may be dirty and need extra protection against microbial contamination.

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GenTegra GenProtect RNA is the first paper card designed to capture and protect RNA. Using the same Active Chemical Protection that protects purified RNA, GenTegra-RNA, has been re-formulated for a paper matrix allowing the easy field collection and protection of RNA in blood and other biological fluids. Once the blood spot is dried, the RNA is protected at ambient temperatures for up to 1-week. Protection includes the strong RNase inhibitor used in our highly regarded GenTegra-RNA. This new technology is currently in field testing phase. If you are interested in evaluating GenTegra GenProtect RNA cards, please contact GenTegra at concerning availability. Quantities are available for testing.

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The Ahlstrom-Munksjö GenCollect card is a plain paper card without added chemicals and is designed for collection of samples that will be analyzed using MassSpec. This is the card of choice for collecting neonatal blood samples or for any sample that is to be used for small molecule analysis. The GenCollect card may also be used for DNA collection if the sample will be extracted and processed in a short period of time after collection. The GenCollect card is available in 1-spot, 2-spot & 3-spot formats and in a color version for clear samples such as saliva.

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