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Extract and Purify dsDNA from Dried Blood Spots

There are many home grown techniques and protocols developed for extracting DNA from dried blood spots (DBS) but none of them deliver the quality of dsDNA or DNA yields of GenSolve. GenSolve was developed to extract DNA from dried blood spots on FTA paper. GenSolve is the recognized leading product for this purpose. GenSolve also gives the same excellent results when used on any other paper matrix. GenSolve is also the kit of choice for extracting DNA form Guthrie cards.

The best way to extract DNA from a DBS is using GenSolve. GenSolve™ will provide both the highest quality of dsDNA and the highest yield. The actual yield will be determined by two factors, the first being the amount of DAN in the blood and the second the ability of the paper matrix to release the DNA. A 6 mm punch of FTA paper will normally yield between 50-350 ng of DNA while a 6 mm punch from a GenSaver paper will yield 100-700 ng of DNA. Following the DNA extraction, the DNA will need purification using any preferred DNA purification kit or by using the GenSolve DNA COMPLETE kit that includes the purification steps.

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The GenSolve DNA COMPLETE™ kit provides all the benefits of the standalone GenSolve kit and completes the process by also providing the final purification steps. The GenSolve DNA COMPLETE kit also provides the convenience of ordering a single product that provide both the best extraction and purification in one kit. The overall performance of the GenSolve DNA COMPLETE kit matches or exceeds the performance of any other extract and purification combination.

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